Customizing Email

You can customize Hanzo's built-in branded templates as well as provide your own templates for each email template Hanzo supports.

Out of the box, Hanzo will use your organization settings to brand each email to match your company. You can configure these brand settings in your organization settings here.

Supported template languages / syntax

Depending on your configured Email Provider you will want to write your templates in a matching language.


Mandrill supports both Mustache/Handlebars style syntax as well as their unique mailmerge variables. Hanzo supports both syntaxes.



Different email providers will express these variables in different ways.
Ex. Order.ShippingAddress.PostalCode

  • Handlebars: order.shippingaddress.postalcode

Variables available in email templates

Inside each email template, several variables are always available:

  • Date.Day
  • Date.Month
  • Date.Year
  • Event.Name
  • UnsubscribeLink

Organization and Brand Variables

  • Organization.Name
  • Organization.Address
  • Organization.Brand.BackgroundColor
  • Organization.Brand.AccentColor
  • Organization.Brand.Logo
  • Organization.Brand.TextColor

User Variables

  • User.EmailAddress
  • User.FirstName
  • User.FullName
  • User.LastName

Templates that can be customized

Confirm Email Address

Email sent allowing user to confirm their email address. Optionally required to confirm account or validate email change requests.

Account Activated

Email sent after account is activated (typically after email confirmation).


Email sent welcoming new users.

Password Reset

Email sent after password reset is requested.


Email sent after new order is created or payment is made (either for a product or perhaps a monthly subscription or upsell).

Order Variables

  • Order.Number
  • Order.CreatedAt.Day
  • Order.CreatedAt.Month
  • Order.CreatedAt.Year
  • Order.Currency
  • Order.DisplayRefund
  • Order.DisplayRemaining
  • Order.DisplayShipping
  • Order.DisplaySubtotal
  • Order.DisplayTax
  • Order.DisplayTotal
  • Order.Items.<index>.ProductName
  • Order.Items.<index>.Quantity
  • Order.Items.<index>.DisplayPrice
  • Order.Items.<index>.Currency
  • Order.ShippingAddress.Name
  • Order.ShippingAddress.Line1
  • Order.ShippingAddress.Line2
  • Order.ShippingAddress.City
  • Order.ShippingAddress.State
  • Order.ShippingAddress.Country
  • Order.ShippingAddress.PostalCode

Payment Variables

  • Payment.LastFour

Shipment Notification

Email sent after shipping package to customer. Typically tied to an order shipping, but maybe sent multiple times.

Partial Refund

Email sent after order is partially refunded.


Has the same Order and Payment Variables as Invoice

Full Refund

Email sent after order is fully refunded.


Has the same Order and Payment Variables as Invoice