Add Mailing List Form

One of the simplest things you can do for your business is to start letting people reach out. Setting up a mailing list so you can keep track of the people that choose to is really simple.

To create a mailing list, log in to your dashboard, and find the 'mailing lists' heading. Once there, you will have a form allowing you to add a new mailing list if you don't have one in Hanzo already. Hanzo mailing lists sync with Mailchimp, and we strongly recommend syncing from the very beginning by including a Mailchimp List ID and API Key during creation. Google and Facebook analytics hooks are helpful, especially for Facebook if you have a clear idea of how much an email sign-up is worth to you, but they are not really required.

After your mailing list is created, you may click on it under the mailing list heading. This is also where you can edit any behaviors or inputs if you need to. However, the really fun part is down at the bottom, where you'll get the snippet you need to wire everything up. It looks like this:

<script src="//[MAILING LIST ID]/js"></script>

And it needs to be housed inside an HTML Form object with a submit button to function. A simple example is provided on your mailing list page, and will look a little like this:

    <script src="//[MAILING LIST ID]/js"></script>
    Email<input name="email" value="[email protected]">
    <button type="submit">Sign me up!</button>

This need not be followed exactly; the script Hanzo provides you is quite intelligent and is capable of more elaborate forms if need be. This, however, is the known best way to get emails from your customers and fans so you can start communicating with them!