Email Providers

Hanzo can be configured to send email directly or through several third-party providers.

Sending Email with Hanzo's built-in email support


Hanzo's built-in support is intended for development and testing only.

Hanzo provides built-in support for sending email. This is meant to be used for testing purposes only, and has several restrictions:

  • You will not be able to use any of the email customization features. The content of the emails sent for testing will be restricted to format of the existing templates.
  • Emails will be sent from a predefined from address ([email protected]).
  • You will be restricted to sending no more than ten emails per minute, regardless of email type.
  • Your ability to send email from your account may be reduced (or even temporarily blocked) if your emails result in high bounce rates.

Sending Email with Mandrill

You can send email from a custom domain by configuring our Mandrill Integration.

What’s Next

Continue on to customize a email provider or learn about email templates.